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Exchange Policy

Exchange  Policy :

Exchange Sale and Core Policy

All Parts for sale Prices are based upon receiving your rebuildable core returned to within the time & terms specified below.

 Exchange Service Core returns are due within 15 days domestic and 21 days international from the date the you received the product. 

Your Warranty will not be valid after this time.

 Late return of an exchange service core will result in a loss of continuance of the initial warranty period. Unless we are contacted ahead of time via Email or Contact form.

If there is no Part to Exchange or the part was not returned within the specified time allowed, there will be a Core fee Due , Please Contact us  .

If the Part was returned within the stated time and is not rebuild-able or is not Like, Kind & Quality as originally sold , then a fee equal to the original sale cost will be due in order to enable the Long Term Warranty  .

When a “Fee” is collected the warranty period will start from the original invoiced date to the original purchaser. Warranties are Not transferable.

 We will not be responsible for parts lost or damaged during return shipment for Exchange Core Service Program.

It is the responsibility of the customer to provide proof of shipment and delivery for a core.

Any Part containing fluids should be completely drained and capped to prevent leaking during shipment and must comply with hazardous material shipping regulations.


For exchange /core questions or issues, please contact :

 1-866-983-6688  9am to 5:30pm e.s.t.

Any collect shipments will be refused.

Cores and part returns are to be returned prepaid to:


Attn: Exchange/Core Return

5168 Hwy 11W 

Rogersville ,Tn. 37857