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03-07 H2 Hummer Climate Control Rebuilt 15195568

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Climate Controllers
Part Number: 15195568
Availability: 10
This Product is a Rebuilt In Stock Exchange

$125 CASH BACK , once the Rebuildable faulty core is returned with the Prepaid Label we supply in package.

Our In Stock Control Module Exchange is a convenient way to get the Control Module you need without the wait! We ship a High-Quality Rebuilt Module to you. You ship your old one back.

 Our Exchange Service specifies Core returns are due within 15 days domestic and 21 days international from the date the exchange unit was shipped. Your Warranty will not be valid after this time.

 Rigorous vehicle simulated final testing is conducted prior to releasing modules for installation in your vehicle.

 Any further questions about our warranty/exchange policy, please click on the link below.

 Thank you for shopping with us! And remember, if you have any questions, open an account with us today and email or join a live chat to get those questions answered.

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